8 ½ Power BI Concepts I Wish I Knew When I Started • YouTube

Time StampChapter TitleBlog Post
00:04What Are You Good At? (Intro)
02:15Title, Welcome, and My Superpower
04:22Moving From Excel to Power BI
09:14Data ModelingTable Relationships
14:33Data Modeling ExampleTable Relationships
16:46Separate Data Models and ReportsSeparate Data Models and Reports
20:25Separate Data Models and Reports ExampleSeparate Data Models and Reports
23:10Two Apps in Power BI Desktop
29:56M vs DAX
35:15Visual Design (Please Don’t)
37:15Simple Visual DesignMake It Pretty
43:03Use OneDrive Sync for Publishing WorkflowOneDrive > GitHub
53:48About JoelNomad Life

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