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A Plethora of New Free Content is Available

Every video and PDF excerpt of the books AX 2012 Core Financials and AX 2012 Trade are now available on this site. Free! Use the menus above to navigate to the various chapters and sections of the books.

Core Financials Links
General Ledger
Cash and Bank Management
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

Trade Links
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Inventory Management

For the full experience viewing these eBooks, check out the iPad versions.

Creating a New Product

This week I wanted to share some information on creating new Products in AX 2012.

The Product structure in AX can seem a bit confusing at first, but there are two main components: Products and Released products. A Product defines the physical attributes of an item, is shared across companies, and is assigned a Product number. A Released product defines the company specific financial, production, and warehousing settings of an item and is assigned an Item number.

In this video, the creation of the item is done from the Released product form. By starting in this form, both the Product and Released product are created at the same time.

More details on this and other processes are available in the AX 2012 Trade manual.

Inventory Posting Profiles Done Right

If you’ve ever tried to setup Dynamics AX posting profiles with the Contoso demo company as your guide, I’m sorry. They are not setup like a real company would configure AX.

In AX 2012 Trade, sample posting profiles are provided along with a “What’s This?” description of the more critical fields. Below are excerpts from the book to get you started on the right path.

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