Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Blog Links

There are many sources of excellent, free content written by experts throughout the world. Check them out!

Blogs that haven’t posted recently (in the past six months) are removed when I remember to update this list every five years. Last updated December 2022.

A lot of bloggers write to help the community, and do it for free. If you like their work, please tell them! It helps keep us going when we get positive feedback.

Functional Blogs

Ms. Dynamic Millenial
“Unboxing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations”
Dhanicca Mae | https://msdynamicmillennial.wordpress.com/

What an epic blog name / URL! And an epic author, Kelly!
Kelly Kane | https://www.d365fandom.com/ | @KellyLappKane

Joel Leichty
You’ve already made it here.
Joel Leichty | https://joelleichty.com | @JoelLeichty

He is himself. Himself is funny.
Josh Knox | https://iamjoshknox.com/ | @iamjoshknox

Dynamics 365FO/AX Finance & Controlling
I literally saw someone come up and ask for a photo with Ludwig at a conference. #jealous
Ludwig Reinhard | https://dynamicsax-fico.com/ | @DynamicsAXFico

DAX Dude
Retail and random nerdery.
Justin Carter | http://daxdude.blogspot.com/ | @DAXDude

Dynamics365 Blog
Long form, in depth blogs about consulting experiences.
Kurt Hatlevik | https://kurthatlevik.com/ | @kurthatlevik

Prolific blogger and the guy who answers every forum question.
André Arnaud de Calavon | https://dynamicspedia.com | @DynamicsAxGeek

Alex Meyer
Says he trusts “whatever description I come up with.” Alex blogs in a whimsical nature about security, licensing, and the journey of life. Probably.
https://alexdmeyer.com/ | @alexmeyer_ITGuy

Dynamics Unplugged
“Silly ramblings of an ex-end user and consultant, current Solution Delivery Manager in Dynamics AX, D365FO, D365SCM”
Andrew Lencsak | https://dynamicsunplugged.wordpress.com/ | @D365Unplugged

Instructor Brandon
Brandon Ahmad | http://www.brandonahmad.com/

Technical Blogs

Goshoom.NET Dev Blog
Apparently quite famous in nerd circles.
Martin Dráb | http://dev.goshoom.net/en/ | @goshoom

Axapta Vs Me
“Sharing my experience with Dynamics AX using code snippets, errors, and solutions, tips, and tricks.”
Deepak Agarwal | https://www.theaxapta.com/ | @d47447

“A library with information about Dynamics AX core development and functional processes, tricks and trip, tutorials and much more…”
Faisal Fareed | http://daxture.blogspot.com/ | @FaisalFareed

Ievgen’s AX Blog
Ievgen Miroshnikov | https://ievgensaxblog.wordpress.com/ | @IevgenMir

Vilmos Kintera | https://www.daxrunbase.com/ | @DAXRunBase

“This is a blog containing content in the context of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.”
Paul Heisterkamp | https://msdyn365fo.wordpress.com/ | @braul

“This technical blog will be about my adventures with Microsoft Dynamics AX.”
Multiple Authors | https://www.daxteam.tech/

Non-English Blogs

El Rincón Dynamics (Spanish)
Antonio writes in Spanish, and has created a Dynamics social network for Spain and Latin America.
Antonio Gilabert | http://www.elrincondynamics.es | @_Gilabert_

Juan Antonio Tomás (Spanish)
Development focused blog, mostly in Spanish with a handy English translation button.
https://jatomas.com/ | @juanan169

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