Blog Links

There are many sources of excellent, free content done by AX MVPs throughout the world. Check them out!

Functional Blogs

Joel Leichty | Dynamics 365 MVP
This site.
Joel Leichty | | @JoelLeichty

AX Soup
Kelly Kane | | @KellyLappKane

DAX Dude
Justin Carter | | @DAXDude

Dynamics 365 Lady
Rachel Profitt | | @rachelprofitt

Kurt Hatlevik – Dynamics Ax Blog
Kurt Hatlevik | | @kurthatlevik

Technical Blogs

Ali Raza Zaidi
Ali Raxa Zaidi | | @alirazazaidi

Dynamics AX = Denis Macchinetti
Denis Macchinetti | | @MacchinettiD

Dynamics AX Musings
Joris de Gruyter | | @jorisdg

Dynamics NAVAX
Munib Ahmed | | @munib_navax

Goshoom.NET Dev Blog
Martin Dráb | | @goshoom

André Arnaud de Calavon | | @DynamicsAxGeek

Palle Agermarks Microsoft Dynamics AX Blog
Palle Agermark | | @PalleAgermark

Yet Another Dynamics AX Blog
Tommy Skaue | | @skaue

Non-English Blogs

Francisco Silva Jr. – Microsoft Dynamics (Portuguese)
Francisco Silva Jr. | | @fsilva_jr

El Rincón Dynamics (Spanish)
Antonio writes in Spanish, and has created a Dynamics social network for Spain and Latin America.
Antonio Gilabert | | @_Gilabert_

j.a.estevan (Spanish)
José Antonio Estevan | | @jaestevan

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