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A Plethora of New Free Content is Available

Every video and PDF excerpt of the books AX 2012 Core Financials and AX 2012 Trade are now available on this site. Free! Use the menus above to navigate to the various chapters and sections of the books.

Core Financials Links
General Ledger
Cash and Bank Management
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

Trade Links
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Inventory Management

For the full experience viewing these eBooks, check out the iPad versions.

Six Months of AX Content in One Post

Too many client go-lives and good summer weather have destroyed my blogging rhythm. So in a fit of craziness I decided to post every video from the incredible iPad manual “AX 2012 Core Financials”.

General Ledger Videos

Bank Management Videos

Accounts Receivable Videos

Accounts Payable Videos

Let me know in the comments how much time this buys me until I need to post again…


Bringing back “What’s this?”

Back in the day with Axapta (AX) 2.5 and 3.0 there was a “What’s this?” option as part of the right-click contextual menu. It would bring up the help text for the field you were in. Unfortunately, this feature did not survive to see AX 4 or later versions.

When I started my first book, Dynamics AX 2012 Core Financials, I wanted to use the “What’s this?” concept to give more context to important fields. This provides an additional level of insight into the process.