Nomad Life

Terri and I (Terri’s husband) came to the conclusion in 2019 that Colorado wasn’t the place for us long-term. We both have jobs that allow us to work from anywhere in the USA, so we decided to have an adventure and perhaps find a new place to call home some day. Or maybe we are nomads for life? We don’t know; we’re winging it.

In March 2020, we set off on our new adventure.

So far we love the nomad life. It’s hard to describe what it’s like, because we’ve had confluence of life changes: new job for Joel, COIVD-19, and starting the nomad adventure. All the changes have mixed together into a vastly different day to day lifestyle and hairstyle.


Terri and I have been together a long time and have never been “road trip” people. We have been more “fly as fast as possible” people. This experiment is a lot more than an extension of what we’ve done in the past – it’s a completely foreign and new experience.

We got a new Tesla Model 3 for the trip and to consume as little dinosaur juice as possible going forward. The car is so fun; sadly no, we can’t yet take a nap or stare out the window while it drives us to the next spot. Charging along the highway route has been fairly easy with Tesla’s Superchargers, and at many of our AirBnbs we charge in the driveway.

Most of our stuff went into storage in Colorado; we’ve had to pare down our belongings to whatever fits in the car and we are willing to pack and unpack every month. Buying anything new requires a complicated decision tree to include the effort required for moving it around.


Not having a dedicated office has been interesting. I had a very nice setup with a standing desk (I never raised), comfortable chair, 4K monitor. It’s all in storage now and I have a laptop, mouse, and whatever random desk or kitchen table is available. I did buy a butt cushion because most AirBnb chairs are torture devices.

In the end, none of that fancy setup really matters – I do just fine with the basics. A fast computer and fast Wifi is good enough.

Places We’ve Stayed

When we set out, we kind of expected we’d pick a city and find a place to stay. The reality has been more nuanced – it’s been more like picking a wide area (like, an entire state) and researching what housing is available. We try to book 28-day stays on AirBnb; there can be substantial discounts when booking a full month. It is challenging to find places that are available a full month exactly when we want them, so we are flexible in our choices.

Below are locations we’ve lived since March 2020.

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