Should I Learn Power BI? (Video)

I recently started a new video project exploring what it’s like for someone to learn Power BI from zero knowledge. The first episode explores why someone might want to go down this path at all. The video series is in collaboration with my niece, Zoë Leichty. She’s funnier than me and keeps me on my toes.

I got the idea from for this from the DynamicsCon keynote by Dona Sarkar. Dona talked about spreading your knowledge by helping one specific person improve their skills. I like the simplicity and focus of that concept and decided to put it into practice (and record it).

Hope this is entertaining! Pass it along to someone who should consider learning Power BI.

One Reply to “Should I Learn Power BI? (Video)”

  1. Hey Joel! Really cool video. I like how Zoe provided a “non-tech” – although a little “nerdy” – perspective. 🙂 Going to share this with a couple folks i know and will be looking forward to the next posting myself.


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