DynamicsCon: Putting The “F-U-N” In “Dynamics User Group” If You Rearrange Some Letters And Add An F

I recently had to change the title of this site and remove the “Microsoft MVP” title; unfortunately I was not re-awarded this year. It felt like one of those detective movie “Turn in your gun and badge!” scenes – only in nerd speak “Turn in your stickers and NDA!”

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get my stickers again, but I do want to continue my passion of making Dynamics and the Power Platform simpler, intuitive, and most importantly fun for new users. For the fun part, my upcoming goal is to entertain by volunteering and presenting for a new User Group event called “DynamicsCon”.

That’s Exciting, Tell Me More!

DynamicsCon. Go look at the site! Looks like a fun time, right?

DynamicsCon will start its life as a virtual event running September 9 – 10 and brings together the finest Dynamics experts from across the lands, and me. You and your organization can attend for the low price of $0.00 – that’s right, FREE KNOWLEDGE.

For this event to be a smashing success, and for me to present to a virtual stadium full of screaming fans, would you take a second and help get this community event rolling?

  1. Register at https://dynamicscon.com/.
  2. Vote for the sessions you want to attend or watch later!
  3. If you want to present, or know someone who does, submit your ideas at https://dynamicscon.com/speakers/.

DynamicsCon content selection is driven by the community – the sessions we submit and vote for are the sessions that will happen.

Shameless Plug Time

I submitted a presentation for your consideration titled “8½ Power BI Concepts I Wish I Knew When I Started”. This presentation is going to be really good; my presentation quality is always proportional to the cleverness of the title. I only need your votes and I can start thinking up the 8½ things I’m going to share!

Please vote for my session here: https://dynamicscon.com/sessions/?search=leichty

And in the spirt of the community freely sharing ideas, please comment below with any Power BI Concepts You Wish You Knew When You Started…

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