Main accounts


Main accounts are a subset of the Chart of accounts. Main accounts refer to the list of ledger accounts available when posting a transaction. Chart of accounts are a combination of Main accounts and Account structures (Dimensions), and can be shared across companies.

How-to Video

AX Menu Navigation

General ledger > Common > Main accounts

Create a Main account

Click the New button.

Choose the Main account number. The main account number can be modified after creation or transaction posting.

Name the account.

Select the Main account type. Choose the more specific accounts types of Asset, Liability, Equity, Revenue, or Expense.

Select the Main account category. Categories are used to summarize accounts in Management Reporter.

Check Do not allow manual entry for control accounts. This prevents users from posting manual entries to control accounts, such as Accounts Receivable. It’s a best practice whenever the account is to be reported via a sub-module report.

Modify company specific settings

In Select the level of main account to display choose Companies.

Click + and select from Companies.

The account can be deactivated using the Suspended field or Active from and Active to.


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