Nobody Puts DynamicsCon In A Corner

Perhaps it only feels like 84 years?

What Is DynamicsCon?

DynamicsCon is a free, online conference with Dynamics and Power Platform content. It includes the greatest hits including Business Central, GP, Finance and Operations, Customer Engagement, Power BI, Power Apps, and more!

Unlike many conferences where content choices are made behind closed doors, DynamicsCon sessions are submitted by anyone and voted up by the community. Each registrant gets 18 votes to allocate towards their favorite sessions.

Right now, you are needed! You only have a few weeks to vote for the content you want to see!

Behind The Scenes

DynamicsCon has sponsors to fund the event. Two key things happen with sponsorship money from a community perspective:

  1. Sessions are recorded and edited by professionals for best quality.
  2. Presenters are compensated for their time and effort towards making a compelling presentation.

After the main DynamicsCon live event, the content is all available free on YouTube. Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to watch live, it’s worth voting on content you want to refer back to later! It is also engaging to watch live – there is live chat and live video Q&A with the presenter(s) during the session playback.

“Joel, Do You Have Plans For Another Session?”

Thank you for asking!

I’ve been working over the last few months on a new YouTube series. It is a concept borne out of ideas shared in the inaugural DynamicsCon keynote. With enough votes, this proposed DynamicsCon session would be a continuation of the YouTube series. Here’s the blurb for the session:


Dona Sarkar’s keynote challenge at DynamicsCon 2020 was to identify ONE person to help with tech skills.

Joel asked Zoë if she wanted to learn Power BI. Zoë asked, “What is Power BI and why should I care?” Joel replied, “I will pay you using my windfall of DynamicsCon speaker income.” With Zoë excited about the project, they’ve posted progress via a YouTube series.

Did Dona’s advice work? What does six months of casual learning look like? What is this session even about? Vote to find out!

Please vote for my session with Zoë! Zoë is much funnier than me, so this should be good!

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